Saturday, 6 December 2014

Being shit

I forget that what I do or say can influence others.

I assume that no one gives a shit until, suddenly, I realise that someone is hurt because of something that I didn't even know they were paying attention to, or care about.

It's like my insides are sore and I think everyone knows this and therefore doesn't listen to anything I do because they know that's not what I'm really like or really think. But you can't see inside a persons head and know how messed up they're feeling. If they're good at hiding it, even if they aren't trying to, then you'll just think they're doing fine. I want someone to see what's going on in there and not take it personally. But I think I've shut it up too well for too long.
I guess I've realised that even the smallest, most insignificant of people can have the biggest impact on anyone else.