Saturday, 25 May 2013

Birthday, Bikes and Blood.

So like a week after actually getting my bike I typically with my luck ran over a big ass nail in the ground and got a flat tyre.
That's just me.
But it didn't cost anywhere near as much as I thought to fix it (:
Whilst I was in the bike shop I had a look at the helmets because I've been trying to save up to buy one but they're expensive and the past few months means I haven't been able to yet..
What I found is that I need an extra small, or an extra extra small. because I have a tiny head! All the extra smalls i tried on where too big, however it depends on the make. They guy is gonna order a few in that could fit me and let me try them on before I buy one. There was talk at one point of getting me a children's one. Good thing they don't typically come with a sun visor. Which I need with a helmet because otherwise I can't see in the sunny weather ( that's a funny.. cause I'm in Britain.. where it's always rainy.. never mind.)
When I had a look at my current helmet, I realised that it is actually a medium and that my helmet buying really needs to be my top priority at the moment.

My birthday was great, went for a meal the day before with family, spent the actual day riding my bike around for a bit, met the boyf, went into town and bought my first drink, his mum bought us Chinese which was lovely of her. (Chinese food, not just a little Chinese kid. Damn I wish it was a Chinese kid now.)
Me and boyf went and bought a cigar then, because there's not many other things you can actually then do when you're 18.. buying cigarettes was a no because I've given up ):
Didn't want a party because it's too much hassle.
Me and the boyf spent most of the rest of the day watching films  and hanging out really. Was just the relaxing day I had wanted.

I'm giving blood next week
That should be fun.. I really want to know what blood group I am.
They give you free snacks.
They're free.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


So it has been a couple of months..
Though nothing particularly good has happened, and I've been more stressed and worried about things than I ever have before; I am very happy and there is no explanation as to why.
Recap of the past couple of months -
had to find a new place to live - had nowhere for a little while and then was placed with a host family, told for a maximum of four weeks. Constantly looking for a flat in between.. blaghblaghblagh...
I'm only under the care of social services, and therefore the host family, until I turn 18.
because I am the most awesome person in the world
My host family have said that I can continue living with them after I turn 18, as something called supported lodging..
I'm so glad because I don't want to be living on my own in a flat yet. I want support until I feel that I can live on my own, and without the help of  benefits. I've been looking for a job for so long though.
I am also on a waiting list for another supported housing place.
I went to see P!nk a couple of weeks ago - was a great gig, but the weekend in general was shit- most of you know what happened. I don't want to explain it all on here because, well, whatever I say will be perceived as bitchy.. but whatever.
I didn't get to go and see Killswitch Engage like I wanted to ):
Have still got that boyfriend.. He's alright (;
AND, today I should be going and picking up my bike. Five months after I took my CBT. (almost three months since I bought the insurance too)
But better late than never.

I really haven't wanted to write in here for a while, but a few weeks ago I was thinking about it, and I went and  checked my page for the first time since my last post, and I realised that even though I haven't posted in nearly two months, especially not posting it to facebook, loads of people still check it regularly.
Confidence boost :D

Have no idea if I'll keep posting

OH, and did I mention that it is my 18th this Monday?