Saturday, 6 December 2014

Being shit

I forget that what I do or say can influence others.

I assume that no one gives a shit until, suddenly, I realise that someone is hurt because of something that I didn't even know they were paying attention to, or care about.

It's like my insides are sore and I think everyone knows this and therefore doesn't listen to anything I do because they know that's not what I'm really like or really think. But you can't see inside a persons head and know how messed up they're feeling. If they're good at hiding it, even if they aren't trying to, then you'll just think they're doing fine. I want someone to see what's going on in there and not take it personally. But I think I've shut it up too well for too long.
I guess I've realised that even the smallest, most insignificant of people can have the biggest impact on anyone else.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

seven months

It's difficult to know what to write after seven months of not writing anything here.
For a start I just had to fanny about with making this work on my phone because half the keys on my laptop don't work and I had to try four times to get the first sentence out right, and I was not going to do that for an entire post. Although I'm not sure if the autocorrect on here is actually any better. My old phone used to just make every word correctly spelt without me doing anything, this phone makes me pick out the right word after I press the wrong letter with my fat thumbs. So every other word is wrong.
Anyway, I have nothing interesting to report about the past seven months. I had a job, got rid of my job, had some time off, started thinking about getting another one but I dunno. It's nice not having responsibilities for a while. Like real nice. I don't remember the last time I didn't have to worry about anything. I doubt anyone is reading this now anyway, plus typing too much on this phone pisses me off so over and out.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Having a job

Negatives about having a job:

-I have to wake up early sometimes
-I have to shower regularly
-I have to find clothes to wear that are not only clean but look vaguely fashionable (I have yet to succeed on this point)
-I have to be on my feet. All. Day.
-I have to be nice and polite.

Positives about having a job:

-Well, at some point I'll get paid.

Though, the first pay will have to be spent buying clothes I don't like or need so that I don't lose the job for my lack of fashion sense.
But in the long run I should be able to afford to do my restricted licence.
But I'll have to figure out taxes..
And work out how to stop my benefits.. and how to pay rent where I live... possibly move out... So much stuuuuuff...

In essence, the good point about having a job is kind of a mixed negative too.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Third floor of the house

Positives about living on the third floor of the house:

-  No murderer is ever going to bother to walk up all dem stairs to kill me, and if he does I'll have enough time after hearing the first murder to jump out the window to the roof, onto the conservatory and down to the ground and run away.

Negatives about living on the third floor of the house:

-  I have to walk up and down all them damn stairs every day just to get a drink.