Thursday, 16 May 2013


So it has been a couple of months..
Though nothing particularly good has happened, and I've been more stressed and worried about things than I ever have before; I am very happy and there is no explanation as to why.
Recap of the past couple of months -
had to find a new place to live - had nowhere for a little while and then was placed with a host family, told for a maximum of four weeks. Constantly looking for a flat in between.. blaghblaghblagh...
I'm only under the care of social services, and therefore the host family, until I turn 18.
because I am the most awesome person in the world
My host family have said that I can continue living with them after I turn 18, as something called supported lodging..
I'm so glad because I don't want to be living on my own in a flat yet. I want support until I feel that I can live on my own, and without the help of  benefits. I've been looking for a job for so long though.
I am also on a waiting list for another supported housing place.
I went to see P!nk a couple of weeks ago - was a great gig, but the weekend in general was shit- most of you know what happened. I don't want to explain it all on here because, well, whatever I say will be perceived as bitchy.. but whatever.
I didn't get to go and see Killswitch Engage like I wanted to ):
Have still got that boyfriend.. He's alright (;
AND, today I should be going and picking up my bike. Five months after I took my CBT. (almost three months since I bought the insurance too)
But better late than never.

I really haven't wanted to write in here for a while, but a few weeks ago I was thinking about it, and I went and  checked my page for the first time since my last post, and I realised that even though I haven't posted in nearly two months, especially not posting it to facebook, loads of people still check it regularly.
Confidence boost :D

Have no idea if I'll keep posting

OH, and did I mention that it is my 18th this Monday?


  1. Surely mentioning an argument is bitchy in any circumstance? ;)

    1. she never specifically mentioned an argument, shes just said the weekend was shit. i'll tell you what is bitchy, commenteing on her blog in order to cause her upset

  2. The intended point of her blog is to talk about her life, mentioning that she had an argument with someone, when not mentioning who it was, is therefore part of the point of the blog and totally not bitchy in the slightest. Also nice to see you are writing again, I've missed it.