Sunday, 10 March 2013

I don't even...

Things keep going downhill.
I haven't stopped crying in hours now. I just came back from a run. And I still haven't stopped. It's too cold outside. It's snowing. It reminds me of the times I've had to stay outside when it was snowing. And how cold I got.
Everyone in my life turns out to be a terrible person. I'm surprised I don't yet expect everyone to be awful to me all the time. I still have hope that people have good in them. I guess that's good. It means one day, I might meet someone who isn't going to screw me over.
I'm in a stage where I'm thinking, if the world throws one more thing at me, I'm going to give up; I give myself permission to. But the world throws something and I feel like I need something else before I can give up.
So that's good.
I'm not giving up.
I don't have the capacity to let people down by giving up.
I'm gonna keep fighting, but we know it's not for me.

If you know of somewhere, preferably salisbury, where I can rent a room, please, get in contact with me asap.

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  1. I love you babe. always, always here for you <3