Wednesday, 12 September 2012

11 september

So the staff here are the other reason that it isn’t very supportive. They are extremely infuriating. I’m most pissed off about the mail system at the moment. They don’t have a letter box, so the postman shoves it through the window. When the staffs think to, they’ll put a tick on the grid on the office door next to however has mail. Then you have to check and when they are there have to get them to get it for you and you sign to say you have it now. No, over the summer there was a bank holiday. And I had mail that I couldn’t get to from the end of the week before which I couldn’t get to because there was no one in over the weekend. I go about my business and keep trying to catch someone in the office, but the one time I actually do, I knock on the door. Loudly. Again and again. And I’m busy so I can’t wait about. And she just doesn’t turn around and I'm guessing it is because it is late in the day; she was clearing up, and just didn’t want to have to do anything else that might delay her going home. This is a real piss take because she is the one that only works two days a week in any case. So it is two weeks later that I actually get my mail, along with a letter that they had forgotten was in there, which turned out to be a competition to win £300 or £100. Which I had needed to have sent back by a certain date. And guess which bloody date I actually received the letter. You got it.
As a student, on low income, trying to pay rent and have food in the flat, you can see why I’m pissed off at failing to even have this chance to win some money that I could really do with now, all because the staff are too up themselves to let us have our mail given to us directly. I'm going to bring this up as an issue in my next key worker session.Which is another point. As part of my renter’s agreement, I am supposed to have these sessions every week. This I about my sixth think? And I’ve been there four months now. Maybe instead of her writing that at the bottom of the note she leaves under my door, I should start reminding her that fact.However, these meetings are stupid in any case, because not one good thing has come of them yet. I had an emergency one at the beginning of July when stuff had happened, but it turned out that she just wanted to tell me that I should have come to my last key worker session. Which I had told her I couldn’t make because I would be at college. Seriously, I tell her from the beginning I can’t do sessions before half five on any week day, and the first thing she does I make me one on a weekday at two. It’s not my fault that she can’t be arsed to stay at work until she finishes. Which is supposed to be at six, or half six. But whenever I walk past the office on my way upstairs, there’s never anyone there. So how am I supposed to access the bus pass I have had sent here for me to get to college at the end of the week. I can already tell that I’m going to have to get the college to resend it again because it hasn’t turned up. And the reason it won’t have turned up will be that they couldn’t be bothered to answer the door to sign for it for me, and won’t tell me that I need to go and pick it up.
They are completely ridiculous. And now I am going to go look wistfully at flats in Southampton on the college computer.

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