Saturday, 15 September 2012

14 september

Last weekend I sent an email out to the person in charge of volunteering in Salisbury. She got back to me earlier in the week to tell me that someone from the nursing home who I wanted to volunteer in would get back to me soon. They have today. I can email her back and have it set up for me to go up there and look around, meet the head carers and ask any questions, and then start volunteering. So I can’t wait to do that. I kind of need advice on what exactly to write back, so I'm going to wait until tomorrow so that I can ask my mum or sister, because it’s hard doing all that in college. And I don’t want to mess this up.
I'm wanting to do volunteer work because it is less demanding than an actual job, and with an actual job, I will lose my benefits, and the amount of money I would make at a job wouldn’t cover me for the amount that I need a week. So it’s either quit college ad get a retail job and be stuck with that for the rest of my life, or suffer through college and do some volunteering. In which I hope I can better some of the lives of the forgotten generation.
Plus, volunteering looks good on university applications, and if I can find my tutor and get some advice, I can join an enrichment at college, which will have the same effect, and hopefully take up some of my frees at college because I think I just have too many. Plus, volunteering in a nursing home will hopefully assist my communication skills. Which are actually pretty non-existent. And if I want to succeed in working with autistic children or teenagers later, after a psychology degree, then I really need to be able to speak to people easily. I can do it in my head. I just cant get the words out, and to move past that I need something forcing me to talk to people a lot more often than I already do.
I feel exhausted after a day of socialising and talking at college, because I got so used to not speaking like, at all over the last year.

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