Saturday, 20 July 2013


I'm going to the Navy office on Monday.
I'm nervous - it isn't likely that I'll pass the eligibility tests.. (not like the fitness things. just general things like you cant get in if you have a stretcher hole that won't close up) I just hope they'll be able to see just how enthusiastic I am about joining up. I even know what I want to be in the Navy now as well. I'm gonna  be upset if I don't get in.. but if I don't, there are a million other things that I could be good at as well - man I am just the best so I can definitely get any job that I want. I just haven't really thought up a decent back up plan yet. But I will have until this time next year to figure it out.
Man I'm nervous.
Especially when every idea I have of what I could potentially do with my life is shot down by someone who thinks I can't do it. In fact, only about two people think I can get into the Navy (not including passing the eligibility tests though) and one of those is actually debatable. The other one doesn't understand that I probably won't pass the eligibility tests, though that's kind of nice because it is like having a little cheerleader whipping about at my side.

I'm in the process of buying a bike.

I'm extremely happy recently.

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  1. honestly I have no idea of the tests required to join the navy so all I can say is good luck , but if you get rejected because of something you can change then can't you try again another time? also yaaaay bike :)