Sunday, 16 June 2013


So this past week for me was really difficult because part way through I realised that it was a really difficult week the year before.
I don't want to go into details of why, but it was because I realised it I also realised that I am most definitely not the same person. I have changed  so much and all for the better! To be honest actually, I should be grateful of this week last year because it was the thing I had been waiting for in order to be able to move on and be able to be me.. It was a day a couple of weeks later last year that was really very shit.
Well, I thought about it a lot and because I'm not the same I thought my blog should probably have some changes too - any comments of them are welcome(:

My stress levels the past couple of weeks have been at a high - Not having my bike, trying to get money to be able to fix my bike, trying also to afford food, and to get to and from college. To get to and from college I have to stay somewhere in Salisbury because there aren't buses early enough where I live to get me to the college bus in the morning. This actually means I often stay at my boyfriends' house when I need to rather than when I want, I actually don't know when the last time was that I stayed at his just because we wanted to spend time together - nowadays it's always because I have to go to college the next day, or I have work. It's been ages since I've stayed anywhere other than his on a Wednesday night. He says he doesn't mind it, and I will actually probably stay over his about the same amount of time when I get my bike back as I already do... but I just feel rude about it and worry that I'm taking advantage. It's not a good feeling.

I took my bike to a different garage - they should be fixing it faster and cheaper than the other one so that's good news - it's just a matter of waiting for it. I can't wait to just have the whole summer of no worries really.

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