Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Bein' a grown up

So I went back to college this week.
Moans and Yays:

-Too many new fags parking their mopeds in the motorcycle area - can't park
-When there is a space they've all parked so that I can't get to it
-Which means if I park at the back and they all come in and park infront then I won't be able to get out (they should really teach you to park when you take a CBT
-Too many new fags clogging up the corridors
-My timetable doesn't coincide with a lot of my friends so am actually going to have to make some new friends -.-
-It's going to be hard work being at college and having a job (more on that in a bit)
-Bottom line - too many new fags.

-Get to see my friends again
-I actually have an alright timetable for someone who doesn't haveto get the bus in everyday
-I get an excuse (and petrol money) to ride my bike every day
-I love my new lessons
-Bottom line - college is fun

So yeah, I also went and sort of got a job - Bar work.
This is alongside my 'job' at the hospital
I could be working literally every night of the week, but it's a great atmosphere there so I don't mind it
I still have enough free time (probably/hopefully) to keep up with my college work

Having a job makes me feel like a grown up (hahaha)

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