Friday, 18 October 2013

What the fuck - typed up

So couple days ago I got really pissed off.
I wrote a short post and promised to write more about it when my face didn't hurt so much.
Basically, I had an appointment to go down to the job centre for no specified reason. I was told that not attending would mean the cancellation of my benefits. I had meant to go down the week before but I was stuck in a hospital bed so my lovely sister had to call up and change the appointment for me.
Well, turned out that it was just to check my circumstances hadn't changed. Actually they have. Because I got a job. That I love to pieces. I do between 8 and 12 hours a week depending on what is needed and don't know exactly until I am in the middle of a shift or sometimes later. Which I don't have a problem with.
I around abouts make the same amount of money as I get a week from my income support.
So I was expecting them to want to reduce that a bit.
You think about it - if I'm working, I have the same expenses as when I'm not, except I also have to travel to work. So If I'm working and not receiving income support, I need to be earning the amount of money I need to pay transport on top of the amount that is equal to my income support.
Income support people don't understand that. Simply earning almost the emount of my income support each week means that I no longer receive income support.
Okay, that means I'm going to really have to cut back on essentials like food, but it is probably doable. Maybe I'll lose weight as well.
Sure okay, much better to be working because I like my job and it means that I like the money I have better because I had to work for it.
However, not only does earning around the amount of my income support stop my income support, it also stops my housing benefit. Which already doesn't cover the cost of my rent. My housing benefit is a higher amount than my income support. Which means I am expected to pay my rent when I'm earning less than what my rent is, also be able to pay petrol to get to work, and buy life essentials such as food. And they don't see a problem with this.
So I'm not sure what options I have if I want to stay alive other than quitting my job.
Which I don't want to do because I need experience and I like it there. This job was really difficult to find, and when I leave college in about June, without experience no one is going to hire me. Which means I will be stuck with nothing to fill my time and be put on bloody job seekers allowance. Which I've heard is a nightmare.

How do I deal with this?


  1. Go to the council offices direct about housing benefit and see what they say. They have different bands of how much rent you have to pay based on what you earn, and then the council are supposed to top up the rest.

  2. What a crappy system. It doesn't pay to work sometimes does it.

    I don't know the answer but wish you all the best. Just found your blog via your sister's blog. x