Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Are you feeling the Christmas spirit? Cause ya'know, if not fucking hurry up and find it cause it's Christmas eve already!!

I've been feeling Christmassy since before the beginning of December.. except there was nothing I could do about it except make a mildly Christmassy profile picture for my facebook...

It's not like I can decorate where I live... For a start I don't have any decorations and then there's the whole not having space for them in my room.
I helped my sister to decorate her house - homemade tree decorations from last year and trying to make the tree actually stand up straight -.-

I really didn't think that I'd have money to be able to do everything for Christmas this year, what with the whole bike thing.... (that still actually isn't really fixed, but more because I'm lazy) But now I've sat here and wrapped up all my presents that I had the money to buy and they all look pretty and I'm pretty sure they're all going to be appreciated.

I think I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Christmas... I'm off to make Christmas cakes (:

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