Thursday, 7 November 2013

Profile photos

My current Facebook profile picture is of me at Halloween.

It was the first time I have ever done anything for Halloween. So I dressed up as a teddy bear.. or rather dressed a bit down.
My big sister lent me a corset she had, which is beautiful, on the condition that I did not ruin it. I did not ruin it because I was not drinking.
I have to say, I was the hottest girl out last Thursday, I really was.
I didn't want to come across as too much of a slut so I wore jeans. So the only part of me that was exposed was my gorgeous cleavage. Which isn't shown well in this picture (neither is my face) and I also wore my first pair of heels.
Shut up I know it's weird to get to halfway through being 18 and not have worn heels before. I've just never been bothered.
I had to ride my bike in this corset. IT WAS NOT EASY.
But I'm a fucking boss so I managed.
(I was wearing my protective gear over the top cause it was freezing and would've been silly not to, so no one knew what kind of hell I was going through as I rode. It would have looked super hot if I hadn't been wearing protective stuff though no? hahaha )

Before I changed to this photo a couple of days ago, I had one of me playing with my niece. It was really cute. Quite a lot of the time my profile pictures are of me and my niece, partly because my sister just seems to be able to get a good photo of me, and partly because my niece is always smiling in them and that just makes any photo pretty.
I can see why people constantly think I have a child of my own - I just want to make completely sure right now that everyone knows that I do not have a kid of my own. I couldn't deal with the nappies every single day.

My photo that goes with my bog is of me on my 18th birthday. I just think it's a pretty picture of me. I didn't really do anything for my 18th so there aren't any crazy photos of me with my boobs out and vomit down myself - cannot understand why people do that AND take photos of it and show people. Can't understand why someone would do that at all.

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  1. "so there aren't any crazy photos of me with my boobs out and vomit down myself"
    Shame :/