Sunday, 3 November 2013

Puddle or Leaves?

*To be read in a newsreader voice*

Good evening everybody, and welcome, to today with 'National Blog Posting Month'. On this wet miserable day we have a rather serious question upon us: Which is better for jumping-in purposes - a pile of leaves, or a puddle? Join us now to find out!

We asked fifteen people which option they would prefer to jump in. Personally, we thought that the answers would be evenly distributed. However, this was not the case!

Seven of those fifteen decided jumping leaves would be more fun.. Or rather, going by their explanations, would be noisier and keep them from getting wet.
Here are some examples of the explanations given:

"Leaves because they are the crunchiest shit ever. 
And water stays there afterwards - leaves don't."

"Leaves because then I won't get wet"
(This exact response came from two different people)

"A puddle would get my feet wet. Plus if I jumped well enough leaves would go flying about and I would feel like I can CONTROL THE WIND *evil laugh* "

Four of the eight other responses were all for getting wet in a puddle, rather than dicking about in the leaves.
The main reason for jumping in a puddle rather than leaves was that you can actually see what you're jumping in with a puddle, and it would only be water that you'd get on you.
Our favourite response from the puddle people was:

"Puddle. Because I am a fearless bastard"

The other thing we found with the puddle people was that two of the responders were actually in a relationship, and their reasoning was that they they like the rain because it is fun. 

The remaining four respondents. One said leaves, so long as they weren't wet because wet leaves are "Icky"
Another just simply replied "Jack Daniels" which caused us here to go and get ourselves a drink.
One thought that either could be a trap, a booby trap, and then continued to talk about boobs.
The last person didn't reply.
Perhaps the last three respondents described were all at the same party.

So there you have it people, Dry Leaves are the best thing to jump in, and my friends are pretentious pricks that don't like getting a little wet or muddy!

Personally, We like jumping in big splashy puddles and then going over to roll in a bunch of crunchy leaves until they are a soggy mess.

"Leaves because leaves are awesome....
I'm not going to have leaves thrown at me am I?"

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