Tuesday, 5 November 2013


This is a part of National Blog Posting Month

Am I easily tricked?
Do I fall for things?

Well, yes and no
If you tell me there is a spider in/on/around me ( OMG I wrote in? HOW could a spider be in me? I don't even want to think about that. That would be horrible.) I will ALWAYS immediately believe you and have a freak out until I can't find something (ten minutes later I will check again)
It's got to a point where people can just cup their hands together and I'll think there's a spider in there (Thanks sister, for spending our childhood doing this enough to make it a problem in my life now -.- )
You just have to look at the wall behind me a bit funny.

You can tell me a big lie about what you did over the weekend and I'll believe you because I see no reason to lie about what you did over the weekend - it could be known to me that you haven't much money and I'll still believe that you went to a five star hotel for three days in Spain.

However. I am these days a lot more suspicious about what people say to me
I'm not good at telling when people are lying, so quite often, you'll say something like that to me and initially I'll be like, wow cool, that must have been a really fun holiday, what did you get up to?!
And a bit later I'll be over thinking everything you said about it.
Which basically means that, to begin with, I believe everything you say, two hours later I won't believe any of it. And then you'll say something else and I'll believe that until I start over thinking that as well.

I'm trying to just not have friends that lie these days.
I'm sick of people lying to me - It happens so often.

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