Saturday, 2 November 2013

National Blog Posting Month

I'm gonna take part in NaBloPoMo.

It stands for National Blog Posting Month.
The list of prompts for this is here
I basically post something every day for this month using those prompts

I want a way to get me to write a lot of posts - the perfect way is for me to take part in this! I may be a day late starting but hey!
This is also cool cause it's my 100th post to my blog (:

So the first topic is something that you don't know about me.

I miss living in the supported housing place that I used to last year.

Which is crazy.
I started this blog basically because I hated living there so much. In this post I talk about what an average night was like there.
I hated it so much!
But when I think back, I probably hated it mostly because of my flat mate. Whilst I was there I had a place to live where people didn't just come into my room for no reason, I had a lock on my door, I had my own kitchen (I didn't ever use it because of the flat mate) and if I had a problem my support worker was supposed to help me with it, or basically just sort it for me if she could. Yeah I didn't like any of the other staff much at all, but I didn't really ever have to see them.
I wish that I had never moved out because that would mean I would be living in the centre of town and not be stuck living out in the middle of nowhere at the moment
And the week before I moved out, my flat mate had been kicked out and I met what would have been my new one the day I moved out - and she was lovely.
I actually have proof that she really was a lovely person because it turns out that she actually lived with the people I currently do now for a little bit before she moved there.
So that's something that I haven't really told anyone. Because I hated it so much whilst I was there they'd think I was crazy.

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  1. Can you not go back? You must have chosen to live where you do now?