Monday, 5 August 2013

Living arrangements

So I had this phone call on Friday, from a supported housing establishment close to where I live. When i became homeless at the beginning of the year I had an interview with these people and was put on their waiting list. Every couple months since then they have rung and checked that I want to still be on the waiting list. I've always said yes despite me having a stable place to stay. Just to keep my options open I think. Where I live, if you don't have your own transport like I haven't recently, then you are going to have a difficult time getting into town.
This supported housing place is in the town center, and I actually know someone who lives there. I had seen this person in town recently and she had mentioned that people were leaving again soon, but I didn't take much notice because she's said this before and I've sat about waiting for a call, not necessarily hoping, but waiting for it.
So I was actually surprised when I got a call about midday and they offered me a room there that I could move into in a week. I didn't know what to say, they had wanted an answer. I ended up saying that I couldn't talk right now and could they call back later in the day. I picked a time of day where I assumed I would be on my way home and most likely not have signal, just in case I needed more time to think about it and what not. Which was silly.
Now, this supported housing place is similar to the last one I was in last year, except it is of higher support. Which means I have a curfew. I have to have two meetings a week with a support worker. If I want to go for a midnight run, I can't. Although it is an all female place, it's not just for young people. There are women of all ages there with all different sorts of problems, and I'd have to share a flat with one of these people, who, the likelihood is, I won't get along with.
I need support, but not that high a level of it.
So the only actual reason I would want to live there is because it is in town.
But I sat and deliberated it for a while, I asked my friend who knows best about the whole situation of where I'm currently living, so that they could tell me if overall I was overall happy where I live, which option was best for me and such. And I knew the answer before he said it, and I was instantly relieved when he said that he thought I should stay where I am.
I rang the house back and told them that I wouldn't be needing the room, and they should give it to someone who needs it more than me.
I told the people I live with about it when I got home that night and they didn't mention that I didn't consult them in the decision.they were glad that I didn't decide to move out.

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