Thursday, 29 August 2013

Me and my Blog

Oh my dearest Blog, I feel like we never speak any more!

Fearne, you never visit. You never stop by for a chat. Our love is so one sided.

But what do you mean! I write in you, I bring people here to visit and read you... I know I'm not reliable, but I would never leave you completely!

You haven't written in me for more than two weeks. Your posts are so sporadic. When you stop posting, fewer people visit me. It gets lonely. Can you imagine living in such a blue world, constantly, with no one to chat to. You're the only person I can actually talk to. Your the only one who posts in me. People only visit me to indirectly communicate with you.

You think I don't know loneliness my dear Blog? Have you ever actually read any of my posts?

The short ones. I like it when you post pictures. The rest of the time while you write I usually browse through your other open tabs. It's my only chance to have a day out.

Blog, I must say I thought we had a stronger bond than this. Sometimes I wonder if we really know each other at all!

I know you pretty well Fearne. I've read your private Facebook chats. I've watched the TV programmes you watch online. I once had a peak at the type of porn you like. I've seen your pain and I've seen your comfort.

My beautiful Blog, I know you're hurt, but sometimes I have to leave you for a while. Sometimes it's too difficult for me to talk to you; sometimes I let other people dictate your worthiness to me, your companionship and your loyalty. You're always here when bad things are going down in my life.

It's as though you take advantage of me! I could use all of this against you. I could tell everyone your secrets.

Blog, we have our differences and our arguments. But if people were to find out my secrets, well, I wouldn't mind as much as you seem to think.. There's nothing that you can say that will cause anyone of any importance to think of me differently - there's nothing you  can show them that they won't just embrace as a part of me.

I know my lovely Fearney, my little Affy, My beautiful friend. I just wanted to try and show you how much hurt you've put me through. I just wanted you to know.. to feel..

Oh Blog, I know how you feel, I want some people to hurt like they've hurt me too, but, well, it's not worth it.. I'm back now, I'll post in you whenever you want me to! We've been together almost a year now. I'll give you something beautiful for our anniversary.
Bloggy, you're my baby and I tell you everything. Even if I don't say it all outrightedly, it's all here. 
I think you may interpret things wrong sometimes but we're here to stay.

Fearney baby, I'm so glad we could work it out. I know you've had a weird few weeks as well, a lot has happened and I know you couldn't write about a lot of it, but here, I'll throw in a few pictures of the best parts of the last couple of weeks for everyone to see.

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