Friday, 30 August 2013

Pricks, blog, photos and a baby(:

So yesterday's post said a lot about what's been happening recently because I wanted to write about it, but not in so many words.. Meaning not a lot of people will really understand what I was talking about.
But I have been neglecting my blog. That was a very obvious point I made.

At the moment I am in a situation where someone who may spread a bunch of personal stuff about me. But I'm not 14 any more - anything they say, well, all they know is personal stuff that isn't my fault and wouldn't be the end of the world if people knew because people aren't as cunty as they were when I was 14.
Basically, the person is a douche for thinking it's going to affect me that much.

So I mentioned in the picture of my last post that I found old photographs of me when I was younger.
I spent years thinking that I didn't have very many photos that were taken specifically of me. Any photos of me were of me in the background of someone else's birthday party or something. I thought that either being the sixth kid meant that my mum just got lazy, or maybe no one really wanted to be taking photos cause it was a weird and rough time for my family I guess.
Then my sister had bagged up photos of us all and gave them to my mum, so I went over and went through them all, and there were seriously only three of me. Everything else of me was me bumbling in the background, or of me and my sister that's closest to my age.
Then I decided to go through the cupboard with all the photos in it; didn't find any of me.
Then I found a bag hidden under a bunch of crap (probably not deliberate) and there was a bag with my name on it - after going through it turned out a lot of the photos weren't actually me - me and my siblings are very hard to tell apart, especially for me because I never saw any of my siblings when they were that young, and partly because my brothers also look very similar to my sisters when they were younger too.
So I found a nice little pocket of photos of me.
And then I went under my mums stairs to find the old framed photos.
There were more packets of photos, mostly of me and my closest to my age sister.
So I finally can see just how adorable I was when I was younger (:

Another note, my closest to my age sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a week ago today, so I'm an auntie again!
My sister was in labour for aaages, so it's a good thing that the end result was such an adorable little boy (even if whenever I hold him he farts away - the perks of being a baby huh? )

Until next time losers(:

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