Thursday, 7 February 2013

Funeral for a Friend post (kinda)

So a lot of you have been checking my blog the last few days, well, more people than usually when I don't post it to facebook, which I am putting down to my last post where I mentioned that I was going to see FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND which a lot of people have misunderstood as me going to an actual funeral. Which is fun.
So yeah, I had been meaning to write a post about it but have been having a stressful couple of days and the other day I felt so rubbish I didn't feel like moving but hey ho, everything is shitty but I'm still fookin smiling so shutthefuckup
Now, I'm feelin' alright, let's talk about funeral for a friend
Which was amazeballs
I went with that guy that I mentioned in another post, the Red Squirrel, and a friend of hers that I don't know particularly well.
So we all head off and spend aaaages waiting around for six because we couldn't get in before then because me and the red squirrel aren't 18 yet so couldn't just go and wait in the bar.
Inside we still had to wait ages because support acts weren't scheduled to start for a while yet. The boyf kept buying drinks (which I nicked and drank as well because I couldn't have my own because of the whole being underage deal)
Basically I really don't feel like writing about this atm, so the only other thing I'm going to say about it was that it was fucking amazing, I had a really good time, they played my three favourite songs and I got very sweaty in there.
Tbh it was really my first proper gig The only other gig I've gone to was and Electric Six gig a couple years ago with an ex, and we almost didn't go because it had snowed very badly, and it was pretty empty whilst we were there. The whole experience of having so many people squished up together, throwing each other around and dancing like crazies was so exhilarating that it has inspired me to buy tickets to go and see Killswitch Engage who are another band I like, and possibly a couple other bands if I can squidge the money together. However those other ones that I may go to would simply be for the gig feel rather than the bands because I've not really listened to any of them yet
And of course I've got my tickets to go and see P!nk in April (still haven't fully decided who's going with me)

I've felt very sludgy so far this week.
Was horrible at the beginning. Haven't spoken to the boyf much, don't know what's going to happen with all that. Got some interesting news on the frontier of relationshipy stuff that has thrown me off and gotten me mad and god knows what else I'm feeling about it. But I do know that I really don't want to be going back down that road. If I have learnt anything in my life it is that going back to things always seems to end badly for me. So I'm going forwards and I'm staying happy as I can.

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