Sunday, 24 February 2013

I scarred people.

Has been ten days since I've written.
I think I have been waiting for some kind of inspiration.
Well, as Henri Matisse said "Don't wait for inspiration; It comes while one is working."
Which I have always remembered from when  I did some artist research that included him from my GCSE art. I must have forgotten for a little while there.
Well, it's not like I've been lacking inspiration really.

My half term has consisted of me abusing my friends and scarring them.

Don't worry, not literally(:

I have chosen my topic for my art exam, and the theme is 'Catastrophic Events'
To me, unlike everyone else apparently, this says all the emotional things that scar us, and the physical things that can scar a person and the way this can be shown, rather than the natural disasters that my teacher decided to interpret from this.
For me, things that are truly catastrophic, are those that are closer to heart, rather than a hurricane half way across the world. I guess I just felt like I couldn't put any real feeling into a natural disaster piece, simply because it is natural.

So I took a few friends, those whom I knew already had some physical scars (who shall always remain anonymous because, well, it's their scars,and I made sure you can't tell who they are from the pictures. Some of these were better scars to use than others)
And then I put fake burns and scars on some friends too.


Remember that guy I mentioned a few times recently?

He allowed me to put some on him as well.
I took him well out of his comfort zone (everyone should leave theirs at least once a week really. Once a day is even better) I got some really good photos.
He was very tolerant to my making him walk topless around town; making him sit in the same position for ages at a time so that I could get the perfect shot. It was all worth it.

I don't always set my boyfriends on fire... But when I do, the photos always come out gorgeous(: *


After all this, I ran my friend over in a car and took photos of her.

AND here's the proof that I didn't really run anyone over, she's smiling (because a group school children had just walked past and we had scarred them (probably) for life.)

So that was my half term.  Now I'm justavoiding going to sleep because I don't want to go back to college yet.
It's been a nice week; relaxing.
Except for all the stuff with my bike
But that's a whole other post.

So I guess the only thing left to do is thank everyone  that has helped me with my coursework by letting me put glue all over them and bug them into staying still enough for me to take lots of photos. And a pre-thankyou to those who will be my next victims(:

Until next time.

NB at no point whatsoever did my boyfriend catch fire. We were careful and safe with it. The centre of that ring was bloody hot though, I tried sitting in it after we were done, like wow. I don't know how he managed to stay in there for so long. Oh wait, yeah, it was because I had him at gunpoint.

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