Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's shit.

Challenge - write a story every week or month or couple weeks or just on some kind of regular basis.
Because we all know I'm a bit unreliable with regular posting and such.
So here we go - first story in my challenge. Sort of sticking with the valentines day theme here.

I was huddled up under a dismal and dying cherry blossom tree. A young woman walked her dog past me like every Wednesday. As always she noticed me curled up and shivering in the early hours of the morning. She just kept walking her Pomeranian puppy and singing summer songs in the early spring sunshine. Right on past me. As usual. I snuggled back under the blanket. Just as I was shutting my eyes, I saw a boy walking behind her. He looked at me and he saw me. Like really saw me. Before I knew it I had stood up and walking over to him.
He didn't break eye contact as we walked towards each other. It was clearly love at first sight. I felt like he knew me already. Inside and out. There was nothing I wouldn't have done for him. I knew he felt the same. How could he not. I came to halt in front of him. He gazed deep into my eyes. Without speaking he grabbed my hand and walked me into town. I don't know what was running through my mind right then. It's all so crazy and different and new. Never would I have thought I would be doing something like this.
We found ourselves in Costa. We didn't buy anything. He put his giant backpack under the table. I'd left all my things with my tree. It's always safe there. We chat. Hours go by. We are left unnoticed and untouched by the world. the story of my life. The story of his.
I can feel it and i know he can too.
We are meant to be.
Before we know what's happening it's closing time and we are kicked out. That always happens.
Slowly we make our way back to my tree. We stop and kiss multiple times. I know he wants me. I want him too. We reach the tree and kiss again.
Out of nowhere a platypus drops down from the fading sunset sky, and falls right on him. I'm screaming. In a moment of troubled thoughts I push the platypus away and start pulling at the boy's flesh. I don't know why but I ate some. I was so hungry. I ate him all. I couldn't help myself.
I look in shock at what I have done.
Only option is to bury him under the tree.
I go to sleep, happy.

Hope everyone had a nice day today.
Kieran the dragon stopped by today and shat all over my day.
I'm kidding.
But I'm not very into valentine's day.
I babysat and worked today. Have got the boyf staying over tonight though.
Yeah, that picture to the right; that is the card I gave to that guy I call my boyf. Because I'm awesome. It's characters from Adventure Time.

And this is the outside and inside of the card that he in turn made me(:

Now fuck off.

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