Friday, 1 February 2013


Okay, was going to write about my New Year party thing today because it is a month later and I thought that would be cool. Well, actually I had just been stalling because it's a bit of a rubbish story because it involves that psycho guy (PG) that I went on a date with that one time.
So quick overview - went to friend's house, walked with her to meet other friends went to pg's house for party, drank, he went weird, friend got smashed, I chain smoked like a little motherfucker and then fell asleep on the sofa about five.

NOW, for the more interesting news, tomorrow I am babysitting and going to see funeral for a friend in bournemouth and I am excited. yadda yadda yadda.
My stretchers turned up and I put a 10mm tunnel in my 8mm hole and it hurts like a fucking wankertit now. the ear that I've just started stretching doesn't hurt. Nice.
I took the pink out of my hair.
Going to put another colour in at some point.
This post is not even worth posting to facebook

Sidenote -there's a dude sat on my feet

My legs looked damn sexy today.
I always look damn sexy.
Only reason I'm writing this post is because I know I need to keep writing things here otherwise this is going to fizzle out and not be my thing anymore. This is like my constant and I guess I need one these days.
Fucking hell.
I'm out.

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