Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Lovely times

I haven't done a post almost all week. The reasoning being because of my last post. I just couldn't manage to write anything here. Not really sure why seeing as it doesn't matter in the slightest who does and doesn't read my blog, seeing as it is only for me.
But yeah, everything is going pretty well. 
Last weekend I went to dinner with a friend, where we bumped into another friend having dinner with her family. Which was pretty fun.
We had pudding. 

Saturday I went and bought glue and fun stickers for art at staples which has now shut *sadface* with my awesome sister and baby niece. 
Afternoon spent in Southampton avec ze new boyf.
Yeah. Suck on that I have one now. And he is a lot nicer than that guy who almost got me fired. This one bought me Ben and Jerry's the other day xD didn't even need to tell him what flavour.
Girly soppy moment over
We went to see Movie 43 at the cinema (and went into Primark, where I bought new thermals and underwear) 
Movie was absolutely hilarious. You should go see it. Or at least watch the frigging trailer. It's seriously funny.
If you don't mind a bit of stereotyping and offensive jokes.
Sunday spent doing some prep for my art final piece.
On Friday I had also managed to finish my health and social coursework to an alright standard (I hope) So that was a load off my chest
Now I have an art deadline on this Friday.
But that's alright because it's a lot easier to paint than to write a report.
Painting is a lot more fun
And interesting.
I have fab plans for this weekend too.
For a start I'm going to see Funeral for a Friend on Saturday night. Which is going to be awesome.
Today I transferred my money to my friend's account so that he will transfer the V5 into my name and I WILL HAVE MY BIKE.
Won't be picking it up off of him for almost two weeks yet but still.
Technicalities are not important.
I totally felt bad ass walking around town with all that money on me though.
I really wanted to ask for it all in smaller notes and just take it home with me and roll in it for a little while and just yaknow, bask in its lovelyness.
But I didn't because that would have been too time consuming and I was on a mission to take my sister a Costa because baby niece is poorly and she seemed like she needed it.

My stretchers for my ear should be here within a week as well
Which is awesome.
So everything is going pretty damn well.

And then Kieran the Dragon turned up on my doorstep and totally fucked things over with his firey breath and psychotic tendencies.

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