Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bike stuff and arty stuff (:

Forgetting about all of the shit that's going on at the moment, I never got around to writing about what I did yesterday. Which was go to Southampton, and buy my bike gear.
I was originally going to just look at the stuff they had, try it on, get a feel for sizing, all that stuff.
But then I fell in love with a jacket because it fit quite well, and did just about everything I was looking for.
I'd post a picture but I haven't got around to taking one yet, and it's a lot of bother to put it on just for a photo. When I take one though, you'll know about it. I look like I'm really tiny inside it. Guess I don't mind as much if I get fatter and fatter anymore, because I'll just look scarier as I go along.
I managed to keep just about inside of my budget.. By just about, I mean that I went over because I spent a lot on my gloves. I spent the same amount on my gloves as I did on the trousers (which were on sale). I spent more on the gloves because I figure I can live without my legs but if I fuck up my hands, I'm lost, seeing as all I seem to care about these days is writing and painting shit.
So I have damn sexy warm gloves, decent trousers and a fab jacket.
Seriously, all I need now is the freaking bike. I should have my money by Friday, all being well. Then it's just a case of my friend fixing the fuck up his bike. Actually really pissed that he fucked it up now. Half a mind to just give him the money to fix it for my own selfish reasons.

On another note, that really is true about me only caring about writing and drawing now. Like, I don't give a shit if I fuck everything up so long as I can write, and paint about it all. Nothing matters so long as I can do that.
And like I said the other day ( I think, I don't remember if I pout it in or not) here is the goat/fish/weird thing that I have done in art this week - the one thing in my book that I actually like so far. It's finished, but only because I just don't have the time to sort it out because the deadline is coming up  and I'm not ready. The top bit is good. But you can tell that I rushed the lower half.
It's still good no matter what. And I don't mind admitting it. I know when my work is up to scratch and when it isn't. I'm not lying when I say that the rest of the stuff in my book isn't good. It's mostly 'okay' but I haven't got anything that's worth anything in there at the moment.

Hopefully I'll have the extra time that I need soon so that I can start making all of my work a better standard.

And this is such a  nicer post than the last.

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  1. the sheepy goaty thing looks like it's grinning at me.
    You should probably care more about your legs; how will you walk Samaire endlessly around and around the living room if you have no legs?