Thursday, 10 January 2013

I'm damn sexy

So you may have noticed that I just haven't been writing very much recently. I would love to say that it is because I just haven't had the time because I've been revising for my exams.... unfortunately this just isn't the case.
Yes, I have exams, yes, they are important. No, I do not have the motivation or emotional strength to care about them.
So let's have a quick catch up.
This week I started back at college.
On Tuesday I lost my phone between the bus and the smoking area, after a few panicked hours I was notified by reception that someone had handed it in... Lucky.
This should have taught me a lesson...
Don't be ridiculous. On Wednesday I left my phone on a bench in town. After realising a half hour later I run back into town to find it gone. Thus ensued panic and tears (because I don't need that on top of everything else that happened last week) and after ringing my phone one last time, someone picked up and it turned out that someone I know from school found the phone and picked it up, checked photos and contacts to see who's it was (he thought it was my sisters, embarrassing) and I managed to go and pick it up.
Today, I managed to hold onto my phone and not lose it at all.
I also wore a dress today.
Which is unusual for me. But I looked damn hot and sexy.

But yeah, I haven't felt like writing anything recently, because nothing is going very well, and because of the people who read my blog, I cannot discuss it.The basics are that everyone seems to be mad at me now. So that's fabulous.
I'm off to finish drawing the one good thing that I seem to have produced in art this year. Might post a picture when it s finished.

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