Thursday, 24 January 2013


So, crazy couple of days.
Had to get an extension on my health and social coursework because of shit happening and not giving me a chance to do it, and now the deadline for me is tomorrow and it still isn't done but I'm sick to fucking death of my stupid work so hey guys I'm right here. 
But aaaargh I'm totally pissed off now because apparently some douche that is friends with that guy that totally fucked me over last year, has been reading my (awesome) blog, and somehow got the idea that it is a blog about that guy that fucked me over.
How pigheaded do you have to be to think that?
No, this blog is about me, and it is for me. And I love it. I wouldn't live without this thing now.
Just really pisses me off that someone like that has gone and read my blog not even properly and got the idea that it is about that knobend.
Seeing as I'm thoroughly pissed off I'm gonna go now. Nice short angry post. yay. -.-

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  1. Wow, good job that awesome sister of yours told you to do a blog isn't it... She must be so amazeballs...