Sunday, 20 January 2013


Well, I'm back writing another post because I still really don't want to be doing any real work.
So hey, I'll write a short story. Everyone writes their best when they are feeling a little crazy right?
Someone told me to write this thing the other day, so whilst I'm all manic I will have better ideas as to what I should write. So here you go, I expect a discount of some sort when I come into your shop bitch. Or you better bring me a cookie.
A hug will do.

Anyway, the four dragons were hiding out in their lair of shiny mirrors, high up in the freezing mountains. It midday in late November. And they were not happy. There was a little dinosaur that had moved into a cave at the bottom of the mountain. Silly little dinosaur, so clearly desperate for attention.
The biggest one, Travis, with his black wings and red belly, roared with rage as he spied the dinosaur returning home. As his high pitched roar blew out around the mountain tops, fire flew from his mouth and fried a passing bird. It dropped instantaneously and Kieran, like the ninja dragon he was, burst from the shadows and leapt out into the air, catching the roasted bird before it had fallen far at all. The other dragons were shocked as always. See, Kieran was such an icy blue colour, that it was hard for anyone to ever tell where he was.
He devoured that bird and left a trail of blood behind him. Settled himself back into that corner. A grin plastered over his face.
Travis stayed still, but the other two shimmied away from Kieran a bit. Well, one shimmied away and the other had to follow because they were attached at the waist. Inbreeding is a serious problem.
Travis got them back on topic. That dinosaur must be dealt with. You cannot have a story where all the main character's species begin with the letter D.
Of course, we know that's not true, but well, they're fucking dragons in dinosaur era. Millions of years ago. Keep with it.
So they plotted their revenge on this clear invasion of their space.
First, Kieran flew down unseen, and attacked the dinosaurs legs. he kept on munching though because of his ravenous and psychopathic nature. He ruined the plan, and was almost done scooping out the dinosaurs juicy bloody intestines before the doubledragon turned up. Only to be caught in the fire the Kieran breathed out accidentally. Travis was furious from his position in the sky. it is just rude to burn one of your own species alive. Or two of your own species.
Travis angrily pulled his wings in and dropped down the the floor beside Kieran. Before he hit the ground, Kieran had moved, and was above him. Eating out his brains.
Now, there is just one dragon in that cave.
I met him once. He's not so bad.

Okay. Done with that(:

Did I forget to mention that I am now officially employed by the way? I've been filling in for people where I work for a little while now. And now I am officially employed and doing Wednesday shifts. Suck it wankers.

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