Thursday, 17 January 2013

bleurgh exams week

I'm not sure quite how to breathe these past few days.
Everything is a little bit rubbish, and I'm kind of hanging in there. Kind of been relying on alcohol this week. Which is really weird. I'm not lying when I say I don't drink. The past couple months are really where I've actually ever really had any. And this week, well, I'm really grateful for my friends, because they've been here for me. Other people have been dicks though.
I should be okay.

I really bloody wish people would stop complicating things though -.-

Well, yeah, anyway, I really want my piercings back ):
I've had like five around my mouth (not all at once..) and I really used to like my nose one. I dunno, I'm just feeling boring. Maybe because I still do not have my bike -.-
Annoying because my licence turned up today (had to send it off to change my address because I never did that aages ago) and my money should be here soon and I really want my bike.

Oh, yeah, it's been exam time. I've had two of my three January exams. First one was last monday. I turned up with a hangover, but I think I did better on it that if I hadn't had one. Because it meant my mind was focusing on avoiding feeling sick and headachey (didn't work, had to throw up in the middle of it) rather than on my shit weekend. Second one was yesterday (Wednesday) and I was feeling a little bit shit again (same reason) but not so bad. Exam was shit.
Have my psych resit on Monday. And a coursework deadline. And here I am, all I'm wanting to do is write. I've been trying to write a decent post for a couple days now. Just not happening because my mind is SO FRICKING FULL OF SHIT.
But hey, I bought a new toothbrush today so it isn't all bad.

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  1. Ooh what kind of toothbrush?

    and everything is not rubbish, it's awesome. You will see soon enough. You forgot to post the part where you brought your awesome sister cornflake cakes and laughed like a drain at her ridiculous Tesco-horse-beef-related jokes.

    Chin up chicken, it can't rain all the time.