Monday, 22 October 2012

22 October(:

Okay, all that work I'm behind on -- fuck it. Because I am a freaking boss, I worked bat shit crazy hard and am up to date in art, once I have finished a couple things I am good to go in health and social. For English I gotta just start the analysis, and then I have the whole of next week (half term) to write like crazy and get up to date. Then psychology. I just really have to start some sort of revision. but I can start that over half term. I'll sort myself out properly, and everything will be fine.
SOO... living situation--
My flatmate has been kicked officially out of my flat now, so I have the flat to myself. This of course, changes things with where I am going to want to be living. The main reason I have beeen so unhappy in my flat was because of her, so now that she is gone, Ishould be a lot happier there. However, I am not very happy with the way the staff have been handling the situations, so what is to say that if my new flatmate (when I get one) isn't going to be just ike my old one, and that they are going to handle it properly? Nothing. So I know that things could get very much worse if my new flatmate is a knob too. So I still think I will be wanting to move into my friends house with his family, only now, it can be more relaxed, much more gradual and I can slowly adjust there, whilst still having my flat at the foyer, so that I can really test the waters properly there for a good couple months before I move in.
So things are good today.
I have even managed to get back into some kind of routine with exercising, starting with a nicelengthy walk with my older sister on Saturday, and a run on Sunday night after absolutely stuffing myself with absolutely gorgeous and healthy food.
So I'm thinking that so long as I keep exercising,  keep a routine and stay focussed, that I'll be okay, and the Thursday blues I've been experiencing recently will stay at bay.
Which brings me to the one point in my life that I am very unhappy with at the moment: my counsellor.
Because of what happened earlier this year, I was assigned to a counsellor, whom I was meant to see every week so talk shit over and make sure I don't fall under. The summer was alright, I saw her every week (except when she waws on her three week holiday) and things were fine. Then when i started college, I haven't seen her even once. And I have been having a rough time, as you can see from previous posts. I haven't seen her, because she won't come out to where I live for when i get back from college, becauses she will get back to her office later, and therefore finish her day slightly later. Basically, she forgets, just like the staff where I live, that this is my life; I have to live it, for me, the problems don't just go away when I leave their presence like it does for them, I have to keep these problems around with me.
Free medical care certainly has it's downside.


  1. Where does your counsellor come from to talk to you? (eg doctors surgery, fountain way, the moon) could you arrange to see one through college (at college), or something else?

    1. uh, CAMS at the hospital i believe. There is one at college, but youhave to book appointments weekly, and there are only a few sessions a week that i can go to because of my timetable. was thinking about trying it out after half term though