Friday, 5 October 2012

This was written just to record an (unfortunately) average night where I live.  But I thought I might as well post it here!

Hopefully adding the last two posts I have written recently, then I can write about the crazy stuff that has happened this past week!!

23rd september

Flatmate has loud music on. Her boyfriend in the kitchen. After a shower she leaves and he stays in, and when she comes back I can audibly hear her ask if I'm still in, then she put loud music back on and there are a lot of loud voices. I go to bed about eight. So fucking tired that I am only vaguely aware that at some point she leaves the flat. No idea what time or whether she was alone or not.
One am
Have been dosing for a little while, but now I'm fully awake. There is a lot of shouting, primarily from a boy and a girl, and my flatmate. Ten minutes of this leads to flatmate coming up the stairs and slamming the door shut. If I wasn’t already awake, she just ensured I would be now. behind her, the other girl yelled at her to ‘leave it alone you dirty skank’ so even though I've rudely been woken up, at least it’s slightly funny.
There’s arguing between flatmate and boyfriend. There was an audible slap, pretty sure it was from her. Ironic as most of the shouting on her part was disbelief as to why a girl would stay with a guy who hits her… feel sorry for her boyfriend..
Half one
Things have calmed down but can still hear voices. Try going back to sleep.
Girl screams her head off and can hear her running, followed by a male who is shouting at her. Audible hit. Flatmate begins screaming and crying and shouting again. Delightful. Half a mind to go slap her myself. Lots of shouting between lots of people downstairs..
Two, everyone has shut up. Except flatmate.  She’s still loudly crying for god knows why. If she hadn’t shoved her nose in their business, she would be fine -.-
Hmm.. first time in a while that I've been woken up and not heard her mouth off to me… things may improve!
Twenty past two… talking. running. Slamming doors.
Flatmate back downstairs shouting.
Why isn’t the security guy doing his job?

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