Wednesday, 24 October 2012


So I had this relapse into a social life yesterday.
Crazy huh? I get so stressed with the banality of going to college and talking to people in my lessons and just generally having to be awake and out of bed, that I go straight home afterwards and just stop for a bit. I'm also very lazy and don’t like to go out with people on weekends. The only people I ever really see on the weekend are my older sisters!
But yesterday I went to the cinema. To see paranormal activity 4. I went to the 9pm one – usually in bed at this time. So you know when you’re in a really good mood and someone sticks on a horror movie, and you spend the time laughing at all the ‘scary’ bits because everything is funny to you in this mood? No? Is that just me? Well, I was in a laughy mood (partly because just before I went to go and see it my friend told me about a cinema somewhere accidentally showing para4 instead of Madagascar 3. Which is funny.) So anyway, was sat in a more than half empty cinema (I guess no one likes watching horror movies late evening, in the dark, on a weekday. Who knew.) laughing at all these sort of scary-if-i-were-to-watch-properly things that were happening, and having a great time.
I got home at midnight (badass, I know) and whilst walking home an old man tried to grope me (just because I have blonde hair doesn’t mean I want to sleep with you) but I didn’t shit myself with fear like I was worried about before I went out, and I stayed in my empty flat (fuck. Yeah.) with the light off.
Whilst in my flat I discovered that along with trashing the place, leaving a million flies in the kitchen and rubbish everywhere, my ex flatmate stole my new soap. Literally had been opened for a week. She doesn’t use soap. Not once, in the whole duration of living with her, did she wash her hands. Twice I heard her turn on a bathroom tap.
Okay, context: I'm not a pervy creep, it’s just that my room in the flat has the toilet next to it, hers has the shower. Because of the placement of my bad I can tell when a tap is being run. I'm not weird. I do have a problem with people who don’t wash their hands though. That girl is just all over gross. Oh, and I have plans seeping into my half term next week. Sweet.

NB, not really mad anymore for being cancelled on over facebook. Even though I dont have internet in my flat and it's lucky I checked facebook before heading off to my flat yesterday.


  1. If you fancy doing an extra walk during your half term week, give me a yell! Am free Monday and Thursday mornings at the moment... And Friday if you want to come (walk) to a hospital appointment with me!!

    1. can do monday and thursday morning, and next week friday!!

  2. What dues nb stand.for? Who groped you? And what dues banality meen?

    1. NB stands for Nota Bene, which basically means take special note. Banality means drearily commonplace and often predictable. And it was just some old man that I walked past on my way home who had just had a little too much to drink!