Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last week

So this was last week. I went to dinner on the 30th at a friend’s house, I’d been a few times before since starting my new college because I went to one of my secondary schools with this particular friend, and he told his family about how I was having a rough time of it with my flatmate. So I think they just wanted to help. Okay, so whilst I was there last week my friend took me into their living room with his parents and younger sister. And they chatted to me a bit, and then offered to give me a room in their house so that I don’t have to live with my flatmate anymore. Which is an absolute crazy offer! And I told them I’d have to think about it. Which I have been doing. I wrote a list of pros and cons:


I wouldn’t have to be responsible for anyone else’s mess anymore (flatmates mess)
I wouldn’t have to live or see said flatmate anymore
I would be closer to the bus station, so as it gets colder I won’t have to walk as far
It’s closer to my sister’s house, which means I wouldn’t have to leave as early when I see her on Saturdays (this is absolute laziness: I often see her on Saturdays to exercise)
If I find a spider or other creepy crawly that creeps me out then I can ask one of them to help me
I will be able to get my post when it comes
I won't have to lug my washing everywhere so that I can have clean clothes
I will be able to shower whenever I want
I can just move out of theirs when I’m eighteen and into a flat of my own because I will be able to hold a tenancy and I will be even more grown up and responsible in six months’ time
They will take me up to see universities when I need to in the summer
They say they will help me with any problems I encounter, should I wish them to
They really are very nice and giving people and I can't find anywhere else in Salisbury to live


I think they want me to just be a part of their family, which is always a bad idea as I have realised from previous experience.
They don’t want money for me living with them, people aren’t just ‘kind’ for the sake of it in this world, my logic dictates: they want something else
They might get funny about me having visitors
I don’t know if my room has a lock on it and I've kind of gotten used to being unable to sleep without a locked door to keep me safe
If they are trying to be a family then they won't allow me to do certain things that I do at the moment, like randomly going out at two in the morning because of one reason or another
They have to know secret things about me
It might put strain on my friendship
I’m scared it will go pear shaped and I’ll end up in an even worse state than I am now

So I finally came to the conclusion that I will try it out. Because it would be extremely silly to not even give it a try because if I didn’t I would be putting myself through a lot of strain and upset for no reason for another year, when maybe it really would work out well at my friends.
So I told them I would like to try it, that I want to have a legal tenancy document so that they cannot throw me out at a random point and I find myself completely homeless and nowhere to go. It’s exciting, but those cons are still on my list, and they will need to be addressed before I break my tenancy where I currently live.

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