Monday, 15 October 2012

You can't think this up...

So, I'm trying it out. Ironically, the day I decicide to, I am informed that my flatmate is being kicked out. You really couldnt think this stuff up!
So I spent the weekend at my friend's, he was away with his dad, so it was just me his sister and mum. I had a great time; their bath has jets in it, and their shower is like a spaceship. I sortted some stuff out in what will be my room: people have given me all kinds of things for it, including a black silk duvet cover (which I bloody love), a black coat (which is absolutely gorgeous; I dont usually wear coats!), picture frames, other clothes. the family have given me lots of things too -- expensive things that I will be eternally grateful for!
I didn't really do much all weekend to be honest: the bed here is so comfortable that I just didnt want to get up at all-- extremely unusual for me! I didnt do any running or dvds, I did go out for lunch at one of their family friends' house, which was lovely. I think I rather like it here. It's very relaxed, and I dont find myself hating the idea of going home to try and do work, fearful of what 'delights' I will encounter when I get there, and the exhaustion that would come over me and lull me to sleep as soon as I sat down.
So it's the fair where I live this week. Well, beginning of. I'm going to it tomorrow with a friend, and he's staying over mine, then I'll be staying over his on the wednesday, securing myself a ride on his motorbike to and from college. fuck yeah.
cant wait until i can afford to buy myself a bike, tbh, with careful purchasing (like not going and spending more than £150 on tickets to see pink in april) and maybe sending a letter to my dad to ask for a birthday present, I think I really could get one for my 18th (:
So this has been my first happy post. The first time when things are actually going very well in my life, and I can't see anything to stop that! fab!


  1. Two things.
    1. you will NOT get a motorbike because my paranoid anxiety would go through the roof.
    2. if you go to Pink in April I hope I am invited?

    1. Do you have £80? plus a way to get up there? and i have already got plans to take a test this side of xmas...