Saturday, 8 December 2012

CBT plus a squirrel explanation

I have had just the best morning.
Basically, everyone knows that I have decided that I want a motorbike. Because they are fucking awesome.
So before you can have one, you must do a CBT. Which stands for compulsory basic training. Basically, you go down to wherever it is that you are doing this, and there are about six parts to the day.
First is talking about protective clothing, second is checking you can read the number plate, then you start learning about the controls of the bike and start it up and riding it slowly on a straight and stuff. After you've done a whole bunch of stuff on the bike you got part D where they prep you for the last part, checking you know your highway code and that you'll be safe on the road. The last bit is actually on the road, you gotta be out there for at least two hours riding around and not making mistakes otherwise you have to go back and do it again.
Lots of people don't get up to doing the part D. 
And after your CBT you can ride a bike and shit. You can take a full license. Which is made up of a theory test, a practical module one and module two.
So today I  went along to get a CBT and I was panicky because well, it's me; what the fuck do you expect?
I was a bit of a twat and dropped the bike at one point at the beginning because I panicked trying to go around a corner and I fell and the bike went on top of me and crushed my leg/foot.
Which kinda hurt. 
But I got back on, and did some easier stuff just to make sure I didn't get a complex over getting back on it. Then I went off for a well deserved fag and banana.
I improved so much since that though, and I'll be going back soon as I can to do some more lessons until I feel comfortable with going on a road.
Roads are fucking scary.

The instructors there today were absolutely lovely. I would totally recommend them. 
I just had a really fucking good time.
Which is what is better about bikes than cars -- lots of people do not enjoy driving. They don't like their lessons, and driving a car is boring. Bikes are just, they're fun okay.
Now I'm going to go and eat some terry's chocolate orange because they are dirt cheap at tesco today, and I've already done my healthy part of the day.

OH, and as a side note, a lot of you are confused about my last post - I know. 
It isn't supposed to be a proper story of any sort. 
Basically what happened was my friend was upset that I mentioned her in an earlier post here, about babysitting. She wasn't the main person that that was meant for, but she was well offended by this sentence that I wrote:
'I didn't fuck up, and to all of you who said that I would, or that you wouldn't trust me to look after your kids when you have some;;; Afuck Ayouu'

So I offered (jokingly) to write a post all about her to make up for it. And there was a conversation that day where someone called her a red squirrel. I don't remember the context. 
Anyway, I got home and didn't feel like working. Wanted to write but didn't, so I wrote that. It is the story of our friendship.

Fuck off it was fun.

And this is the third time you have featured in my blog now red squirrel. That's your code name now.

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