Saturday, 1 December 2012

Random shiiiiiiiiiittee

So hey, you're back looking at my blog again.
How was your day beautiful?

....I don't give a fuck about your day this is my blog about me. And how the hell do I know if you're beautiful or not? Get a hair cut loser.

I went to my sister's this morning, babysat my seven month old niece, was a practice for the really babysitting tomorrow. I didn't fuck up, and to all of you who said that I would, or that you wouldn't trust me to look after your kids when you have some;;; Afuck Ayouu.
Yeah, so then I went off into town with my other sister, we bought bras (well she did. I just stood around like a creepy lesbian or some shit) and then I went and bought BOOTS for when I take my TEST next week, for when I get my BIKE. Fuck yeah.
Went up to tesco, scared my friend who works in a shop up there and practically heart attacked her. I completely forgot that she hadn't seen my hair before. Was fucking hilarious. I almost pissed myself. In tesco I bought... nothing interesting for myself, just baby stuff for my sister. Observed a fun advent calendar related argument between my other sister and her boyfriend. They are fucking hilarious.
Then of course I go home (Yeah, I fucking call it home now BITCHES) and I remember that my room still hasn't been unpacked properly yet, so I thought, I should really get to sorting through all of my crap, and proceeded to sit down and watch Russell Howard's good news.

You know what the most hilarious thing in the world is? When you make yourself laugh. I do it ALL the time.  I sit and I think and then I just, I find myself so funny. And our society is so against being happy, I think, and it's just so sad because it means people look at me like I'm crazy when I burst out in happy laughter.
Which of course makes everything ten times funnier.

Anyway, yeah, did I mention I bought my fucking bike boots? I'm well excited. Can't wait until I have taken all my tests and have my bike so I can get going places. Fucking hate my town. It's so mundane and full of the same wankers as ever. 
On the bright side, I just found some tissues in my room that are black with skulls on them that my sister (the cool one) gave to me like four years ago that I never used because they are too awesome. Now I can waltz around with them and not use them. WOO.

It's so sad that this is my Saturday night :L

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