Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas (sorry)

Personally I had the best Christmas that I've ever had.
Usually they're pretty shit, we all end up arguing and just generally having a bad time.
This year was the first that I had completely out of my mum's house.
Last year I was at my mum's in the morning, but I went off to spend the afternoon with that cunt who was actually not very nice to me for the whole of that day and therefore last Christmas was just as bad as any other.

This year, I went over to my sister's flat after spending the morning with the people I lodge with.
My sister made just the most amazing dinner, I suspect she is putting up pictures of the food in her Wordless Wednesday post today, so HERE is a link. It was absolutely bloody lovely.
My mum was there for some of the day as well, and my other sister came over for a few hours in the late afternoon. I got some fab presents (I'm not going to brag about them because I actually don't want to be writing about Christmas at all because everyone else is because it is Christmas time.) and I just generally had a fab time. My baby niece got so many presents that she didn't manage to get them all opened yesterday, which either means that she was extremely spoilt this year by everyone or that she was extremely uninterested in opening them.
To be honest, it was actually a bit of both.
She got the most amazing Christmas present off of me though.
A while back I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to see the Hollywood costumes and  shit (which was amaze)
Afterwards I went in the shop, and I saw they had baby grows. And I couldn't resist buying the one that said 'The force is strong in this one' which is a star wars reference and my sister loves star wars and I am an amazing sister.

After I finished up at my sisters I got nice and shitfaced. More on being drunk this time of year later today/tomorrow. I've already written the post, but it has to be separate.

OH, and (sorry, couldn't last the whole post) I got a very nice leather bag (hardly ever use hand bags, this may be the changing point) with a leather purse, Some fab books, new bras (so that I finally have some that fit), new tshirts, brush and edible glitter. The biggest present I got was a nice lump of money that I can use to go towards buying my bike leathers.

Yes, you can buy edible glitter.

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