Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tesco-Ice cream-Hair dye

I'm still holding onto that happy feeling.
I don't want to go back and lose it.
I took the day off college today to do some stuff with my sister.
Included activities such aaaaas:
Boring morning stuuff
Buying lots of chocolate oranges for xmas stuff because they are dirty cheap now
Bought Ben and Jerry's ice cream for LESS THAN A POUND (How? How is that possible I hear you ask, basically, it was half price in Tesco today, and I had a £1.50 voucher off for it. So I abused it and it is going to taste so good when I eat it in a minute - atm it's too hard so I'm warming it up between my legs... (; )
We watched stepbrothers - because it is hilarious.
Nails done
Eyebrows fixed
Little bit of big bang theory and basically just a nice day overall

Unfortunately, my other sister didn't meet us ( the one with the baby, that I babysat last week because I'm awesome.) but I figure that it's okay because she went to a pantomime instead and I hear that was fuuuuun.
I dyed my hair this morning slash last night
It's pretty damn awesome.
Unfortunately, I had to get the dye off of my mum yesterday, which included me having to go to her house (which meant i could pick up my thermals though) and I had to go to Tesco with her (which is never fun - it's only fun with my sisters because they are fun.) and I had to help her dye her hair (which I 'accidentally' fucked up) and she had a go at me for smoking.
However, she didn't muck up my mood at all, because, hey, I'm still standing.
Okay, my ice cream is soft now so fuck off and let me eat it(:


  1. Yey blog posty about meeeeeee!:) and sinse when do you smoke?????

  2. ....i don't. only at college really