Friday, 21 December 2012

Just in case guys... just in case.

Just in case we all die tomorrow

I sometimes don't shower for two or more days when I am not going out anywhere so that when I do next shower I can shave off an impressive 'beard'
I'm scared of growing toe hairs
I shave my arms because I'm paranoid someone will one day mention that I have hairy arms, and for some reason that freaks me out
I'm really lazy and hardly ever pluck my eyebrows.... the only thing I ever personally do is make sure I'm not growing a mono brow - my sister waxes the rest whenever I see her
I spend more money on my favourite people at Christmas; before now I have spent less than a pound on the person I probably should have spent the most on, according to society
I bite my first two fingernails and thumbnails but have stopped biting my ring  finger and little fingers - leaving me with oddly distributed nails
I really don't like eating with people
I wont pee if other people are nearby
I will quite happily sometimes wear the same outfit three days in a row - provided I wont see the same people on those days.
I can lie like a little bitch when there is something I really do not want to do
There are only about five people in my life that I cannot lie to at all.
No matter how badly I need a product, if it involves talking to a member of staff to get it, I will go without. (This is actually a pretty good system because it meas that my crippling social anxiety saves me money)
I still hold grudges against people that never paid me back money more than two years ago... the money borrowed being as little as 50p
I forget that I am mad at people very easily, but a few weeks later I will remember and rip their heads off about it.
I get very bored of being mad at people though
When walking down a street if I see a friend before they see me, no matter how close I am to them, I will pretend like I haven't seen them until they notice me.
Secretly hoping we all die
I actually love to freak people out with my hair.
If I could get away with it I would never wear clothes.... they're so boring...
I really hate people who are late ALL the time.
Today, I shamelessly licked not one, but two bowls of brownie mixture at my sister's. I then went home for a two hour nap.

If we all die today, I owe you all £100 each(:

....* by beard I mean pubes.

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