Thursday, 22 November 2012

Awesome things about me

QUICK ten facts about me/reasons why I am bloody awesome and you should talk to me!!

Let's GO!

I have absolutely awesome hair that I constantly change and if we go to college together, and I didn't know you beforehand, then you have never seen my real hair!! Shock horror! Though whilst I stayed late at college last night I had my real hair out. Felt bad ass. So that is something to talk to me about at ANY time.

I can wiggle my tongue like a belly dancer.

I have a onesie. Aaaaand not just one of the million boring ones you can find at Primark, mine has the cat in the hat on it. So of course it is awesome and therefore makes me awesome(:

I hardly ever really feel like it, but when I do I can do the most amazing makeups on my face. I would love to borrow your face to shove awesome makeup on one day, whoever you are. Yeah, I don't care if you are male, I've done that before, and they loved it as well. Give me your face.

Apparently I don't seem like it, but I actually love hugging people and if I could do that as a profession then I would and I would be the best in that field.

I have a large collection of Dr Seuss books. Including the cat in the hat, the cat in the hat comes back and green eggs and ham. Are you seeing the cat in the hat trend?

I really hate even numbers. Except the number 2 and 72. Can't stand even numbers. Unless I am diving things up in which case odd numbers are the bane of my life.

I love buying things. I will buy things for other people simply because I love the feeling of exchanging money for awesome things. I am actually quite generous, despite me kind of hating spending money. But I think I just hate spending money on boring things, like toothpaste and food and toilet cleaner (which I can't actually legally do for another six months but still, principle) Even though buying those things makes me feeel even more adult.

I will soon be able to take (and hopefully pass) my full bike licence so that I can be a madman and drive everywhere (freezingly) on a motorbike looking sexy hot! However, I will have to save up for ages before I will actually be able to afford the bike..

Aaaaand lastly
I do have a cat living at my mums house who will most definitely eat you if you still don't think I am awesome. He is big and fat and called Alan. slash Hitler, because he has a little mustache and I get the feeling that he doesn't like Jewish people. Though he bites everyone. Except me because I am SO loveable.

This was actually a challenge set to me by a friend who will remain unmentioned, because they couldn't think of ten reasons of why I am awesome. I'll shall have that person know that this list could have gone on forever. And that I am clearly awesome.


  1. Point seven makes no sense. Read it back.

    Also - I thought you were donating your Dr Seuss books to your awesome niece?

    1. Point seven now makes complete sense.
      And i will be, but i dont know how to get them to yours!!!

  2. Oi oi oi!!! Number 6 isent true the Dr Seus books are mine!! And no ur not giveng them awey!!!! they werr my birthday prezent from mum when I was lillte!!!!!

    1. You got the disney ones, we were both given the dr seuss ones. besides, when you first moved out you said i could have them!!