Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Guys, I totally went back to college.

So, today was eventful!
I woke up nice and late because I was nervous last night and couldn't sleep (kind of like tonight)
Everything was fine, was having a jolly old time, when bam! halfway through the second half of psychology I am hit with a giganormonous headache, followed by me feeling extraveryemely nauseous, causing me to leave the room and not return for more than a half hour, which, when i did come back, caused my entire class to look at me funny. I'm not sure what they think I was doing, but what actually happened was that I went to the toilets and sat down to try and stop my head from exploding out from within. which was followed with my head responding with a big, 'whuuuut?' and decided to make my arms go all funny (as in heavy achey and paaainful) and my neck all stiff. So I stood up and tried to make my arms feel normal again. Which involved me holding my head against a wall and throwing my arms around and just generally looking like a twat. Aaaas per usual!
At which point I feel reeeaaally dizzy and have to go sit back down again, and then, well, I guess I passed out a little bit.
Which was kind of weird to realise. At least no one saw; it's alright to tell the story but would have been well embarrassing if someone had come in at that point. Yeah.
So I stick around in the bathroom for a bit, trying everything I know to stop a headache without having to take a damn pill (for those of you who don't know, I got serious issues when it comes to trying to swallow damn pills) and eventually I realise that my arms feel a bit better, just a little weak, and that my head isn't going to explode, and maybe I won't be sick. So completely freaked by the whole thing, I got to the last eight minutes of psych, with the whole class staring at me.
I didn't bother to explain to the ones I sit with, because I wasn't (and still am not) sure what even happened.
So afterwards I think, well, I'll sit around, if I get worse I'll go home, if not I'll suck it up and go to English, at which point I bump into friends, and think, well, I'd rather be with friends if it happens again, so I spent the rest of the day with other people. I ended up not going to English because well, I was a little scared it would happen, and my headache was threatening to bubble over again. So I had a religious discussion.
which was cool.
So it was kind of weird. It was also my sister's birthday so after college I ended up going to hers to give her her present and hugs(:
It was also my half birthday. No-one gave me my half a cake. You all suck.

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