Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ducks, glasses and puppy dog arses.

Totally forgotten what I was going to write about today.
Well. Until I remember, here is a picture of a duck

Okay, cool, I still have absolutely no idea, but when browsing ducks on the internet I found this. This is the DUCK/RABBIT in real fucking life guys. Turn your head and look!!!!!!
Well, today I went for a walk with my older sister, we saw ducks.
I also went into Tesco's and found rubber ducks. My sister refused to buy them for my niece. For good reason though; because she already has ones that light up. Yeah.
Okay, so today I went to my flat, was hoping to meet my flatmate but she was away this weekend. At this rate, I either won't ever get to meet her, or I will meet her the day I move out.Which is a week tomorrow. Yaaaay.
Well, I'll just use this time to tell you guys that you should promote my blog because I don't really like the embarrassment of having you all mention parts of it to me when I see you in person. It's kind of embarrassing to find out who reads it. What I want is to have people in the kind of situations I have been in, to read my blog. Because that would be cool. Yeah.
Have no idea what I originally planned to talk about here. Sorry. When I remember I will write a whole blog post for it.
Now though, I'll tell you that I wear glasses. I am short sighted. When I take my glasses off I can't see very much at all. I'm not fucking blind though. I can still tell you how many finger you are holding up. But if you are the other side of a large room I can't. My glasses came from specsavers. I've never before used specsavers for my glasses, but it was a nice easy experience but the staff were cunts. The frames were picked out by the arse ex, who features in a few of my recent posts, and I never really liked them. They are a reddish colour, with a real nice blue inside, and there is a white flowery Venetian style kind of pattern at the sides.
They're a bit wank.

Also, here's that duck on it's side so you didn't have to twist your head earlier. Because I'm nice like that.

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