Friday, 9 November 2012

Don't steal my soap

So, as you may have realised from the rather prominent evidence, that I haven't done a single post all week. That is because I have had nothing good to write about (hence the picture down there), and I can't stand just blogging about crap. Hilarious concept: that is ALL I blog about.
So, we'll start with some good news I think. Well, is it good? Who knows. Can be taken in different ways. I took it rather badly yesterday, but today I had great joy in telling people that I was considered 'no longer a risk' which is fab. Basically my councillor, who I have actually only seen a grand total of, wait for it, five times, came to see me yesterday, for the first time in about three months I guess really, and deemed me 'safe' and 'happy'. Whilst talking to her, inside, I was screaming at her "What the hell? You appear to be mistaking me for NORMAL?!? Have you NO idea what my brain is like? Have you EVER had a conversation with me? Are YOU the crazy one? Do you know ANY of the things I have gone through? How can ANYONE  be normal after this crap?" Basically, I thought she must be absolutely mental to think I'm okay because half the time I feel like I can't even breathe from the amount of thought that goes around my teeny incompetent brain. Then I realised yesterday, whilst lying in bed not doing my mountain of coursework, that she doesn't know anything about stuff that's happened to me, because I'm such a closed book. (those aren't my words by the way)
So I cheered myself up (by watching this guy on YouTube who I found, who is HILARIOUS. well actually, he is just average funny, but I just LOVE his voice. His user name is Charlieissocoollike)
So basically, I've been deemed 'un-crazy'
crazy huh?
Hmm... other things that have happened..
Well, my flat has been cleaned up (a bit) finally, by a cleaner. Not because of the amount of times I have bugged them about the raging mess that it is, that I absolutely refuse to clean up because it's all ex-flatmate's mess, and that it just really was  too disgusting, but they have had it cleaned because I am due a new flatmate on Monday. Which I am terribly excited about. I've still got plans to move out in the very-near future, but I really want to know what she is like. And I need to make sure she doesn't steal my soap. I am very serious about my soap. If you know me you will remember me going into a rage about ex-flatmate stealing my soap when she moved out. Serious topic, is soap.
So yeah, new flatmate, deemed not crazy by someone who doesn't know a thing about me.
And loving soap.
Seems I had something to blog about after all(:

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  1. Haha fair play Fearne.
    Finally checked it out as you asked.
    You're welcome.