Sunday, 11 November 2012

Tesco carrier bags and bras.

So yeah, yesterday was a little bit crap. Went to my mother's soup morning thing that raised money for the Trussell Trust. I won a bar of chocolate that I split with my older sister (because I am awesome.). Not gonna lie it was a bit boring because I was there for about three-four hours. I ate a bunch of cake. Cake is good.
Well, after that finished I went with my sister (The second oldest one. Maybe I should do a general clarification blog post some when..) back into town. Whilst waiting for a bus we bumped into one of my brothers, the one I haven't spoken to/been spoken to by, for a loooong while, for reasons I'm not even sure about. Crazy. But yeah, haven't seen him in so long that I was confused for the first five minutes as to who he was.
WELL, anyway. moving on from thaaat, I went into town with my sister, we bumbled around Tesco's, which has finally reopened inside of town. Have missed it so much, was practically kissing the workers with glee because Sainsbury's just is not the same. They make you carry orange. Orange. Which doesn't go with ANYTHING. And, from a skinny jean disaster (I didn't know it was a disaster then..) a few years ago (when I was fourteen perhaps?), I am very aware of the fact that I do not look good in orange (However, going through old clothes the other week I found them, and they fit again now. Woo I'm getting less fat!)
Speaking about the carrier bags of supermarket shops, no one else is excited about the new Tesco carrier bags, but I think they are preeeettyy sweeeeeet.
So yeah, we bumbled about, couldn't find the really good smelling chicken that was a-cooking in there anywhere, so bumbled back out, after stumbling around the new layout of the self service tills. Went back to sister's, left to meet... I don't know what to call her on here. My friend's mum that I'm moving in with. My sisters have taken to calling her my surrogate mother. But I think I'll just call her T for on here. Yeah, so on my way into town to meet T I bumped into my father of whom I don't speak with because of a lot of reasons, and he doesn't recognise me and I got pissed off about stuff even though it's not important anymore.
But anyway it was all good because when I met T we went to JustJanes (some underwear shop that's very nice) and surprised me with a bra that actually fits and is a crazy size. First time I have ever been fitted with one, and, to be honest, first time I have looked at the size properly before buying one. Now when I wear clothes I look even more damn sexy hot ^.^
So I was feeling pretty damn shite most of the day, and really just wanted to go and stick my head under a quilt and cry and be a depressing loser (LOL what's the different to my day to day self?!), but I couldn't do that, because when I got back to my frie... going to start calling it my new home on here, too much effort otherwise. So I couldn't do that when I got back there because I was helping to make dinner for the million people that were coming over for dinner. So I did some awkward social interactions and stuck myself into work afterwards. Pretty good huh?
No, you say? Well, I was referring to the fact that I managed to not hide away and say fuck off to all my work. So yeah, all things considered it wasn't as bad a day as yesterday's post made out.
NB yesterday's post was mainly written because a friend said that the post before that was boring because it was too long... this one has gone on a bit as well to be honest.

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  1. TOLD YOU SO!!!! There are few things in life as wonderful as a bra from Just Jane's.

    Did your dad speak to you? Don't let him get to you, you have me and I am awesome. And chocolatey.