Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shit sauce

Argh. I'm only posting because I haven't in a few days, despite me actually writing posts. That's because things have been happening that I have wanted to write about, but can't let some people read. Because it may offend or they may not agree or simply because it was a very half arsed attempt at writing and I didn't deem it worthy of actually publishing.
So yeah.
Day off college yesterday - no not because I was depressed. I was doing exciting things that didn't quite work out the way I wanted. For instance was walking around town and out of nowhere a pigeon flew by and was sat on my head for only a second or two, but he definitely sat on my head before flying on by. I swear it. The people around me at the time were astonished as I was. I felt like it should have been filmed. Personally think I could have made a fortune and then I would have moneys and I could buy a hat.
And then I would be able to walk around  town and all the birds would fly by and sit along my hat.
I think we all missed out on a great opportunity here.
Anyway, today was mostly spent doing hours of art coursework - mainly my final piece which has to be finished by first period Friday and will not be done by then. But oh well, I think I can probably twist his arm and get the weekend to finish it off.
I have a psychology mock exam to do this weekend (my weekend is looking like great fun isn't it)
Today I got to ride pillion on my friend's motorbike again - great practice for when I do my cbt (which I have booked - but will not be saying when it is, just in case certain individuals find out and turn up to put me off and ruin it)
Have you ever been on a motorbike?
Nothing better to put you in a good mood. Or to freeze you up because you were doing at least a hundred at the end of November in the dark times along straight roads. I am not entirely sure if I still have toes.
I can't wait to get my own; I will clearly be a lot happier because as I just said; there is nothing better to put you in a good mood.
So I'm all happy-dappy, therefore not doing the work that I need to do, and not going to sleep because I don't want to wake up in the morning and  have gone back to moody teenager mode. Because that is what is happening. Of course, that means I will not wake up on time tomorrow, and that will put me in a bad mood - there is no winning!
Shit sauce I am going to bed!

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