Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Catcher in the Rye

Well, I did read the catcher in the rye. Which was good, I really love that book. Always gets to me. I always forget how it ends and how it affects me. I love the style of the book; the way it is written, so easy to read but then again, so hard.
Holden is such an accurate representation of boys, really, even sixty years later you can see the resemblances. He is much like me in a way as well - I hate people who are, as he says 'phony' and he doesn't change at all in the book. He is an adult but he is stuck with a child's mind and often, I feel like that; I'm grown up, I have a flat and I pay rent and I buy my own food. I myself have changed a lot because of this, but then when I'm with my friends my kid-self kicks back in and I become like seriously annoying because I don't know how to be my age any more. I always seem to forget the ending. I haven't read it in more than a year before today.
I always remember afterwards why it stays in the back of my bookshelf (or box)
Because the ending is always a reminder of experiences, people who turn out differently, even though you knew them so well. or so you thought. And the experiences you had with them. Mine are mostly bad. The stupid book makes me remember the bad. and that was what I didn't want today; I wanted the day to try and forget. It never works out.

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