Saturday, 24 November 2012


Trying to go for a bit of a mellow weekend. I don't have much planned - I have to move all of my stuff out of my flat and unpack though.
Feeling very relaxed and chilled out - like nothing much can affect me at the moment. I guess that's a good thing.
I spent a couple hours with my sister this morning - colouring in a mug for her, awesomely I must add. She left me alone with my baby niece to go see someone for a bit, and that was fun(:
I am absolutely terrible with kids, but I think it's kind of influenced by having people watch me and judge me of whatever. But yeah, it was great because she is seven months old now and it's just so easy to make her laugh and smile and happy. She loves trying to stand up. most of the time we were making funny faces at each other and chatting whilst she stood up by holding onto my thumbs to steady herself - and me being terrified she would fall over and hurt herself!!
After I left them i went off to get a hair cut - now my hair looks longer than before - weird huh?
I don't really give much thought to my hair anymore - since my amazing hairdresser went off and left me (sad face) I haven't done anything with it at all. Just kind of left it to do its own thing. Haven't dyed it since the beginning of summer, and have just kind of watched as it got longer. Now it looks alright (except for the colour which I may sort out some point soon - well, definitely before xmas) and  I don't mind wearing it out if I'm not going anywhere special.
This afternoon has a loose plan about it - gonna get on with some of my art coursework type stuff (not sure if it is actually coursework but I'm going to call it that because I'm pretty sure everything I am doing in art will be marked) then going to my flat (possibly with a friend if they aren't too loser to come with) gonna finish up packing I think - take all of my stuff off the walls): And just generally say goodbye to it.
It has been my first stable place to leave and I will miss it - despite most of my time there being rubbish. (see my first post)
These last couple months with it have been the best.
I will miss it.

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