Friday, 16 November 2012

Serious stuff guys...

Okay so today was fucking fabulous
Nothing good happened, and nothing bad happened.
Makes it a good day on my account because a) nothing bad fucking happened, and b) nothing good happened to spoil another day, because on another day, the good thing will fuck up and turn into a bad thing
So yay for today!
I painted some of my second oldest sister's xmas decorations -- the trees weren't too bad, the angels were a bit of a fail, and the snowmen. Well fucking hell I AM AMAZING.
I got my leather jacket.
Not as good as I thought it was going to be; but hey was a tenner from ebay and it will fit nicer when I've lost a bit more weight.
What else...
I took a disgusting photo of myself... for my PROVISH! Which I also posted off today. When that turns back up I can take my CBT. Then my full license. Yaaay.
....I fell down the stairs today.
I also poked myself in the eye.
Neither were as fun as they sound.

OH, I have also been thinking recently (Not just about the stuff that is in previous posts, but about this, stuff that is written in the next part of this post.)
Yes, I have been thinking about how lucky I am.
And no guys, I am not being sarcastic at all.
No, I mean it. I'm being serious. I am lucky.
Lots of people disagree with me when I tell them that I consider myself lucky.
They either think, state the fucking obvious turd, of course you are lucky, you have a flat and you live alone and you do as you fucking please all the time. (Bitch please I have always done what I wanted...) Or a new and current version of that - Of course you're lucky, you have landed yourself and very nice family to live with that are genuinely nice and are lovey people. That's true. I am lucky in that sense.
But other people will disagree when I say I am lucky, because they know that I had a shite time growing up, I had a shite teenage years regarding my mother, that I have been homeless, that I have been in a terrible relationship last year (see my last post for more information on that one. (Charming guy. Especially at the moment. Really. - Thaaaat was sarcasm there. He is a wanker) And that actually, living in the flat I have isn't as good as most people think - most people I know still live with their parents and I'm not going to lie I get very angry when they try to give me advice on the situation because how the fuck do they know?!
So yeah, when people disagree and say that I've had it rough, I agree with them. I've had it rough. But I'm the lucky one because so many people find themselves in the situations I've been in. And lots of them don't get lucky like I have. A lot of them didn't manage to get into college. For a lot of people, it's not just a night or two without a bed like it has been for me; for them, it's always a night without a bed.
A lot of the problem is that it just isn't advertised.
Yeah, it's alright putting up a website so that you can google what to do if you are a teenager and haven't got anywhere to go, but what if you don't have a house to go back to that night, you have no money, how are they supposed to know this stuff?
So yeah, I just wanted to share that that is what I have been thinking about recently. And how I can help to improve that, now, not just in the future after I have gone to uni. People aren't going to just survive and wait for me to start up my life before they need help.

It's now.

Oh, and I also broke a nail today.

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