Friday, 2 November 2012

Positive thinking and all that..

Know what, I've had a lot going on this week.
Not surprising seeing as I had decided to have a relaxing week!
It's been completely shitty, and because of my crap I haven't gone places I was meant to, which means I have pissed off some friends. I didn't even do anything for Halloween, which I was terribly excited for.
Instead of getting gloomy on here, I'm gonna do a boring old blog post about the book I just finished reading yesterday. Positive thinking and all that Jazz.
It's called The Death Of Bees and I only started reading it because when I went into the IPod shop last week to see if they could fix my IPod, I had a fifteen minute wait, in which I went to Waterstones because it was just about 5 and I knew it would be almost closing - ergo, basically empty. I don't like book shopping when it is busy because I feel rushed. Scrap that - I hate all shopping when I feel rushed by hoards of people.
So anyway I had gone into Waterstones just to have a look around and waste some time. Obviously I couldn't leave empty handed, and the first book I pick off of the shelf is this one, and I fell in love with the blurb. Then it was awkward because I had to look around the whole rest of the shop with them knowing that I knew I would not be buying a different book, that I knew this was what I would buy, and just generally pissing them off by delaying them closing up for the day. That was mildly fun though.
So this book starts off with a prologue informing you of two names, two birth dates and two death dates. The only writing with them is 'Today is Christmas Eve. Today is my birthday. Today I am fifteen. Today I buried my parents in the backyard. Neither of them were beloved.'
Totally grabbed me. who doesn't want to read about two teenage girls who have buried their parents in the backyard for some anonymous reason? probably a normal person, but I'm far from that let's be honest.
So yeah, the book is about Marnie (the fifteen year old) and her younger sister Nelly, who is clearly somewhere on the autistic spectrum but is just an absolutely fab character. Their parents are drug addicts; drunks, and later we find out worse things about their dad. Their mother's father is a big part of the book as well. These two girls carry on living in Glasgow without parents, unchallenged for months on the whereabouts of their parents. Displaying how awful the systems can be...
There are a few little gory bits on their parent's deaths as well, about how they leave them in the house for a while before removing them, and then how it is trying to get them out and into a grave. This book just really caters for every need I have in a book to be honest. It's written in the views of three of the main characters - Marnie, Nelly and their neighbor, Lennie. Lennie is an absolute darling.
You should definitely read it.

And now I feel slightly better of my week because I haven't written crap about it. Instead I got to bore you(:


  1. 1. nobody in Waterstones cares if you spend an hour wandering around pawing at the books; they have to stay open, and I'm pretty sure they don't close til 6. So long as you're out before they want to lock the door, they're not bothered.
    2. Have you read The Cement Garden by Iain McEwan?
    3. Walkies tomorrow will need to be as early as possible in order to accommodate coffee with mother afterwards, and getting home in time to feed lil monster her lunch.

    1. I don't know when it shuts, just a safe bet that after five it's a helluva lot quieter.
      No I haven't is it good?
      And I'm okay with early, but do I have to go for coffee as well?
      Calling it walkies makes it sound like I'm a pet.

    2. durr only just found this reply - it doesn't email to tell me you've replied so I never know!
      Cement Garden is very good from what I remember. I like Ian McEwan books though.
      you need to change the time stamp on your posts because it's saying I commented at 1pm on the 2nd, which is a lie.

  2. On Vicki's first point, there's a big Waterstones in London that has a proper bar/restaurant on the top floor and they actually encourage you to grab a book from the shop and take it up there to read - and they don't mind if you don't buy it (or so I'm told haha). I always wonder what would happen if you spilled your dinner on it and hoped they didn't notice!

    1. oh my god that is so awesome, that would totally make me more likely to buy books!