Monday, 19 November 2012


So, yesterdays post was depressing as fuck huh?
Well, the things I said still ring true, but what is moping going to do? Not a lot I don't think. I felt like shit this morning so haven't gone back to college yet, however, best decision I ever made because it means I have spent the day revising and getting in the mood  for college tomorrow. I also got a chance to piss about with makeup, which always cheers me up and makes me feel pretty (LOL I know right) so now I am so in the mood for college and work and getting A levels... and I'm stuck at home doing not a lot because I can't get into college at this time of day. So insteaaad: hey guys (:

I'm totally mystified really about how my mood has switched about today. S'really weird.
However, I'm sure that when I am older and all of this is over and I feel kind of normal (sometimes I do actually feel normal by the way. I know this blog makes me seem half crazy - espesh that post about psychopathy) but I think I'm about as normal as normal should be. I'm just 'quirky'. I have actually been described as that before.
So, let's discuss yesterday!!
I ended up going to Boscombe. Because Boscombe has primark, and my sister invited me. I have a problem regarding primark. I just can't resist its lure. It is very much like when you see a hot guy or girl, and then you maybe make sure that you're in the same room as them as often as you can. And maybe when you are at home and you can't sleep because you're thinking about them, you go on their facebook and drool over their photo's.
Maybe not that last part. That would be weird! Um, yeah. So I love primark. I went there and searched high and low for a bra in my size. Finally found one on the top rack, had to get my sister's boyfriend to get it down. Slightly embarrassing. Of course, it ends up not fitting because, well, things are never the exact same sizes from shop to shop, and primark is cheap. I also got some new undies, because apparently I can't go around wearing ones with holes in them. The reason they have holes in them are because they are so comfy I wear them a lot. Now I have to go break new ones in.... *sigh*
However, I really hate spending money. Espesh at the moment when I am trying to save up so that I can take my m/bike tests. And then I'll be saving up for a bike. So um, guys, if you have any spare money, instead of giving it to a charity organisation, give it to me. I'm kind of like charity. Or split it between me and a registered charity, that's cool too. Or you know, it's christmas soon (well, I'm going by the adverts that I see everywhere, and they've been up for a month now so I'm guessing we're close-ish now.) so yeah, guys, wanna give me a christmas present? A bike. Or the accessories that goes with. Or gift vouchers for food, that way when I buy food I'm saving money! Yaaaaaay!

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